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Custom Sales Brokering

We are pleased to be able to offer (limited) spaces for sales brokerage. Offering custom services to horse owners looking to sell, and buyers looking for their future partner. This can be a great option for various reasons, including; those living in a challenging location to find suitable buyers, or to maximize the market, for those who don’t have the time to market their horse (or simply don’t want to!), or those who have concerns about long(er)-distance purchase agreements (whether those concerns are scams, equine welfare, or ensuring a smooth transition from one program, to another).

Options include (but not limited to),

Seller - basic 

You sell your horse, we assist with delivery to the buyer, and ensuring your equine is safe and settled with their new partner. Price varies based on locations, and additional delivery requirements. 

Seller - mid-level

We list and market your horse while they stay in your care (some expectations to provide videos for marketing will apply), and we look after all paperwork & delivery requirements. Price varies based on locations & additional requirements, 8% sales commission. 

Seller - premium

(Spaces very limited) For sellers looking for full service, we can pick up your horse, video & market them, maintain their program, and look after all paperwork & delivery requirements. Price varies based on locations, full-board, 15% commission. 

Buyer - basic

We assist with finding potential listings, and sharing with the buyer. $100 flat rate if we find a suitable mount. 

Buyer - mid-level

 We assist with finding, and screening potential listings, and offering a professional recommendation. Buyers must provide riding videos (within 3-6 months, if they are currently in a program). $250 flat rate if we find a suitable mount. 

Buyer - Premium

We assist with all aspects of purchasing, including finding & screening suitable options, offering a professional recommendation, finalizing details with sellers, pick-up & delivery arrangements, and additional support for the first six months of ownership. Must have an evaluation (video/phone call, or in person), and provide rider videos (if an option). $750 flat rate, plus additional services. 

Please note, we require that all sales horses be UTD on healthcare, (including, vaccines, coggins, within 6-9 months, farrier, within 3-4 weeks & dental float, within 3-6 months). We provide all paperwork, owner signatures and contracts required. We recommend all buyers to consider a pre-purchase exam by a reputable veterinarian, as the information provided is invaluable (it’s so great to have a baseline on your longterm partner, or potential development mount), and getting all previous healthcare history (including getting vet records released).

Experienced in sales and delivery across Canada, and into the USA. We have extensive references, and run a well-rounded, compassionate program. Please contact for more information.