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2015, 15hh, grade, mare

$6500 CAD

(includes delivery in Western Canada). UTD on all healthcare (including coggins & dental).

Based near Maidstone, SK. Lily will be on a sales trip to British Columbia (Fraser Valley/Lower-Mainland), April 26- May 1. Perspective buyers must plan to try her 2-3 times to ensure a promising, long-term partnership, a 3-5 day trial is an option for serious buyers (conditions apply).

$5500USD including delivery (in Northern/NW USA, delivery farther can be discussed), must be able to come try her prior to purchase, and we can look after all export requirements.

Lily is a very sweet, but opinionated mare. She doesn't have the patience for beginner mistakes, and is best suited to an experienced rider who likes a challenging and rewarding mount. Lily is a nice trail, working equitation, (low-level) dressage, all-around prospect. She does best in a consistent program with variety. She has lovely form over fences, and does well through the chute, but is currently working on her flat foundation. She is easy to handle, and has excellent groundwork, has been to various facilities, and hauls/travels well.  She can have resistance to move forward, and does lick-out while riding; it is very predictable, and easy for a rider with a good & quiet seat to ride through. She can lack confidence, and be stubborn, and needs a rider who thinks smarter, not harder. She has been thoroughly checked for pain, and all potential concerns have been treated (ulcers, dental, body pain), and she is always improving. We purchased her in January 2021 for our development program, and she came to us with a bridling issue (likely caused by oral issues that have been corrected), and pulling when tied. She requires a competent "bridle-er" to ensure her teeth don't get bumped (or she also goes well in a hackamore), and only pulls when nervous. She is a lovely, rewarding mare to work with, but is quirky and "mare-ish".

*Videos below*

January 2021

January 2021