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All Praise Hemp (previously Natural Won) products are approved by Low-Risk Veterinary Health Products, and are from a Health Canada food grade facility. Its an ideal, multi-benefit supplement from foals to seniors! With all the feeds and supplements on the market, its hard to keep up with what is actually IN them. We offer a natural solution. 100% Hemp. By pairing up Praise Hemp Oil and Hemp Protein Fibre, you give your horse an excellent source of fat, protein, and fibre, allowing your animals to thrive. 

What we offer

Praise Hemp Oil

Why Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is a multi-benefit omega supplement. In addition to having an ideal Omega 3-6-9 ratio, Hemp Oil also contains Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). Omega 6, and Omega 3 work together within the horse's body, so equine nutritionists place more emphasis on maintaining the proper balance, rather than the total of either one. Hemp Oil provides this. Non-GMO, 100% Hemp. Some benefits of Praise  Hemp are improved joint and bone health, reduced anxiety, improved skin and coat condition, and more! 

Available in 750ml, 4L, and 20L

Praise Hemp Protein Fibre

Why Hemp Protein Fibre? 

With all the supplements on the market, with so many ingredients its hard to keep up! We offer a natural solution, with one ingredient. 100% hemp, and non-GMO. Praise Hemp Protein Fibre is an easily digested source of protein, and high in fibre. Giving your athletes a good protein source will greatly help them build muscle, and tissue. Hemp Protein Fibre promotes healthy digestion, improves joint health, helps maintain physical performance and stamina, and more! 

Available in 20lb and 50lb bags.


Information and Articles on Hemp

Use of Hemp Oil and Hemp Ingredients in Equine Diets (PDF)

Scientific Opinion on the safety of hemp for use as animal feed (PDF)

Evaluating the Quality of Protein from Hemp Seed and Hemp Seed Products Through the use of the Protein Digestibility-

Corrected Amino Acid Score Method (PDF)

Long term benefit of GLA / SDA found in hemp and the comparison to flax oil 

Low-Risk Veterinary Health Products

What our customers are saying

"Hemp Oil has become an excellent addition to my feed program. I have seen great results from my mature show horses to my broodmares, young stock and stallions.

My barrel horses and cutters are showing great stamina in the show pen while keeping them with an overall healthy weight while on the road. They look and feel healthy and are always ready for that next haul.

My broodmares, young stock and stallion have also shown great results, from healthy shinny coats to amazing body growth"

- Francine Scozzafava